mouselock – Synthetic Mouse Test

This test case is suppose test to see if Synthetic Mouse behave the same regardless of mouse lock state.
The test was actually done on last Friday. But today, the Full_ScreenHarness was added to the test.
A few things first, in order to run the tests, it would take about 20-30 mins of building. What it means is everytime a line of code is changed, I would have to wait around for 30mins, before I can know if it worked or not. This work flow is very time consuming.

First thing about the test, it covers all mouse event except for mousemove, and mouseover, then those 2 events are combined with other events seem to be a problem in the EventUtil.js even when the mouse isnt locked. I might have to add those two events in later, but for now all the other events test out ok. The problem I have with those 2 events are they are fired twice, when mouse isnt lock, so I think it has something to do with bubbling or when mousemoves or when mouse is over an element it might be confusing with mousemove to mouseover. So I plan to run thsoe 2 test independently. But for now all the other events passed.

Now for the harness part.
I have build it in 2 machine, one for windows, and the other on a mac.
For some reason the tests work fine on windows, but when it is ran on a mac it runs twice. the test i ran was test_FullScreenHarness.html
Here is a screen shot of the result on MAC



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